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My time at Cubs and Scouts by Daniel

Date: 21st Mar 2021 Author: Admin

Cubs and Scouts has been really, really, really fun. When you are there you get to do lots of interesting things such as hikes, learning new things such as first aid and CPR, go on adventures, do lots of team building and make new friends as everyone is very friendly and friends with everyone at Scouts.


I have been a Boy Scout for nearly 6 years. At first it was scary but you soon feel better as everyone gets to know you. My favourite thing about being a Scout is going on camp – I usually try to go on all the camps as they are so much fun. The food is usually very nice. For breakfast we have a choice of cereals or toast, for lunch we usually have a packed lunch – my favourite is the chocolate spread sandwiches and for dinner they let us cook things like chicken casserole. We usually have a busy day exploring and doing activities then before bed we sit around a campfire and toast marshmallows and sometimes watch a film. We do not usually go to sleep before midnight and are usually up very, very, very early!


At Scouts we do lots of fun activities. My favourite one we did when we could meet between the lockdowns. It was the boating where we got to go on a canoe, sail down the river and then play ball games while trying not to fall out of the canoe. It is fun but you can also get very wet.


During lockdown we have been meeting up on Zoom. This can also be fun because some of the leaders do not know the difference between me and Jack so we set up funny names together to do the meetings. We have also played lots of fun games online and I have learned lots of new things, such as fire safety and the countryside code, and earnt quite a few badges which is very, very, very, very good! As well as this, we made Swiss cinnamon rolls which were very entertaining to make but were very tasty when they were done. The leaders are all very nice and like to help you earn badges and let you do fun activities.


As well as doing things for fun we also do things to earn money for the Scout group. We went to Morrison’s once and did the fundraising by helping pack peoples shopping into bags for them. We also helped the Church deliver leaflets to houses near the Scout hut.


The hikes are very fun too – we have hiked around Newbold in the dark with our torches, did a penny hike around the streets and once they even made us hike all the way from Leamington to Hatton Campsite when we were camping there although I think the leaders decided we should do that so we would be tired in the evening and sleep but it didn’t work! We sometimes have to put the tents up when we go on camp and I like sleeping in them with my friends as we always have a laugh and have lots of fun.


I also had to make a promise when I decided that I wanted to become a proper Cub and Scout. It was a bit scary having to say it in front of everyone else but I felt very proud once I did it. Everyone is very nice once you get to know them and Scouts gives you a feeling of community and it feels like you are part of a big family.

Daniel – Scout (Aged 11).

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls